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Monday, June 10, 2013

May meeting

At the May meeting, our guest speaker was Carol Misken. She has started using brighter colors in her quilting and wanted to share her new colors with us.  She has been influenced by several different people she is following over the internet. Some are traditional quilters like Bonnie Hunter and alot are more modern quilters.  A list of the websites she gave us will be at the end of her pictures.

This is a strippy Log Cabin variation.

The quilt on the hanging rack is a Scrappy Trip Around the World.  Directions and lots of free patterns can be found at Bonnie Hunter's website.  WWW.quiltville.com.

This one is called Not Quite Low Volume and can be found at Red Pepper Quilts.
Rita Hodge is from Melbourne, Australia and here's a link for you to go there. The directions are not on the website but Carol gave us a handout with her directions on it...

Twinkle pattern

Bonnie Hunter's website

Info about the Easy Angle ruler can be found on this site along with alot of other info too.

Rita Hodge, Melbourne, Australia- modern quilter

Twinkle pattern by Cheryl Wittmayer

Now for some of our folks!
Here's the church quilt for this year!  Great job, girls. It looks so good. Diane came up with a cute name for it too. It's called Sew Many Presents! 

The back of the quilt.  Creativity takes over when you don't have enough fabric!  I love the back of this one too.  So cute!

Look at this big, beautiful Texas quilt!  It's amazing and it belongs to Daphne. 

Sharon did a present quilt too. She said she will be making five of these for gifts this year.  I love this quilt. Everyone of these I've seen are so different and cute in their own way....

Sandy made this one for her son. He just kept bringing over Harley T-shirts for her to include into the quilt...Love it and no, it doesn't look like Halloween!

Here's a boy baby quilt for Nancy's grandson. No, he's not here yet.  Nancy is ahead of schedule! 

This one is Jessica's and she finished it at retreat.  I love it. the picture doesn't really show the great colors she used.

Here's one of Jackie's.

Here's Diane's cute stocking quilt.  She's giving this one to a friend but wants to do an exchange on this one. 

Here's our Summer blocks.  Diane and Judy B. worked on these at retreat...Remember, all the fabrics are batiks.  Diane passed out instructions at the meeting, so if you didn't get them, see her or Judy B.

Here's the instructions...

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