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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pictures from the April 2011 meeting

I'm sorry I haven't posted these sooner.  My MIL had surgery and I now have a new grandbaby, so I've been a little busy. Life still is not back to normal but what is normal anyway???? I hope everyone had a blessed Easter and got to spend time with your families and friends.  I'm also hoping each of you get to spend time with your friend, the sewing machine over the next month and get lots of sewing time in. Here's the pics from the last meeting, I will also be posting pics from the April workshop that I did not get to attend due to the above mentioned family obligations.  I really missed a good time but I am truly blessed too so I know I'll get some catching up time with the Wheel of Fortune quilt soon.  Have a good month and happy sewing.

The Row by Row quilt with the April flowers or daffodils added to the last row.

Sharon's Row by Row quilt

The summer block exchange. See Cathy Bradley or Lois Logan for the packets.

Just One Star blocks. These will be given to Thomas Sewing Center to send to Moda for the blocks to be made into quilt to be given out on Flag Day!  (June 14th) Be sure and go to the Moda website for updates.  I'll try to update here on our site too.

Helen's beautiful quilt.

Martha's baby quilt.

Martha made these mesh bags with her initials on them.  Very cute!

These were the summer blocks from last year that Martha won.  Good job, Martha!  It makes me want to make one of these!

Martha didn't waste any blocks from the summer exchange. She just kept pulling things out of her bag of tricks and she pulled these hot pads and pillows out next.

Sharon made these cute bags at retreat.  I love these and the pattern is available from the All People Quilt website. .

Here's the link to the free pattern for the above bag. This bag is reversible and uses 1/2 yard for each side.
Click on the link and it will take you there. While you are looking at the pattern, be sure and look at the page for a video demo of making this bag.  This is a great site for free patterns. I hope you enjoy it.

Another cute bag from Sharon. This one is a Lazy Gal pattern and is fun to make too. She made this one for her daughter. She's going to Vegas and will see her daughter play in a pool tournament there.  She'll get to spend some time with her there. I hope you have fun with her, wish her luck for us!

Judy made alot of these blocks but some of them were made by us too. This was her friendship exchange block quilt last year.  She worked on this at retreat and put the finishing border on when she got home.  This turned out great, Judy!!!

Deanna said we inspired her. She is making this for an online exchange.  How fun is that!?

Judy made this eyeglass case from wool.  She really likes to work with wool and gets alot of it from shopping at the Goodwill!  Way to recycle, Judy!

Diane made the one on the right and Judy's is on the left.  Too cute!

Some more wool works from Judy.  No, these really aren't tombstones like I thought, they are posts.  Tombstones have RIP on them, right???  Sorry about that Judy!

This is Martha's quilt and do you know how you can tell?  She always puts her little doggies on her quilts. If you look real close, you can see them on the middle block.

Martha's neighborhood quilt.
 Here's some close ups of Martha's quilt....

Glenda made this great selvage bag.  Awesome!

Another cute bag by Glenda.  This one is for one of her daughter's friends that is also a teacher. Very nice, Miss Glenda.

Carolee and her Mom, Irene made this little quilt a few years ago for Carolee's daughter.  She wanted to show this because Sharon H. had some fabric that Carolee was coveting.  It didn't work to show the quilt because Sharon didn't feel guilty enough to give the fabri up but we sure enjoyed seeing this little quit anyway!  I love the border and I think that's the fabric Sharon had some of, right, Carolee???  Good try, girl!
Here's some cute baby items that Carolee makes.

Carolee made this for St Patrick's Day.

This was a wonderful gift for her from her uncle(I think that's who she said made it. Please correct me if I'm wrong.) He makes saddle holders and he made this and brought it down for her.  He even put her name on it so Irene wouldn't be tempted!  I don't know what happened to the color on this but it is a darker green. The next picture is more true to color.  This is such a thoughtful gift.

Okay, I'll update you later with pics from the April workshop. Have a great month and if you didn't make it to the meeting, see all the fun stuff you missed?