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Saturday, August 9, 2014

July meeting

Our July meeting was held at Thomas Sewing Center.  We showed our quilts and talked about new products and some favorite tools and got to shop too.  Can't ask for more than that, except food. Oh yeah, we had that too.  Our members provided snacks but so did Mrs. Thomas, thanks so much guys. It was all good!
We started off the meeting showing more of the legacy quilts....This one belonged to one of Jackie's Aunts.  Jackies's cousin found this in her Mom's sewing stuff and gave it to Jackie.  Jackie plans to finish it somehow, she's not sure what she's going to do yet but she does plan on returning it to her cousin once it is finished. 

Here's one of Nancy's. Isn't this beautiful and it's in great condition too. I love the border on this one.

Here's Lois's Little Dutch Girl.  So cute....

Now for some show and tell from our members....
Here's Martha's.  She took a class on this one.

This one is for the Quilts for Kids project.

Here's Martha's Round Robin quilt.

Sharon finished some projects for Quilts for Kids too, three of them, way to go, Sharon!

Deanna made this lovely for a wedding gift....Beautiful. 

Sharon made this one. I think she said it was a Turning Twenty on point.  Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Sharon is cleaning out and brought some vintage tops to share with us.  Thanks Sharon!

Judy B. finished this lovely one.

Love Diana's Spool quilt.

Kathy D made this sweet little quilt.

Diane T did this one. 

Another great month. Good job ladies. Next month is our picnic and we get to share some food and good times.  We also get to see who the new officers are for next year and get to see who wins the great blocks!  See you soon, happy Stitching! 

Monday, July 7, 2014

June meeting

This is a quilt from Glenda's family.  She is finishing it and putting embroidery around it.
Some Show and Tell from our members:
Mary P. finished this quilt from a long time ago. 

Not sure whose this was since they were hiding behind the quilt.

Deanna made this one....

Helen made this one for her husband

Jackie finished this little lovely. The picture doesn't do the colors justice.

Martha used her 9 patches from the swap and made this beauty.

Sweet butterflies.


Here's another one from Glenda

These are all from Mary


Sunday, June 8, 2014

May meeting

The May meeting was a working meeting for us.  We were working on the Covers for Kids but we had to have some great reveals first.  These quilts were the Round Robin exchange done by a few of our members and they all turned out great. What fun!
Diane's quilt

Glenda's quilt

Karen's quilt

Willie's quilt

Deanna's quilt

Irene's quilt
Martha's quilt

Next, we have the church quilt for this year.  The French Rose quilt blocks were done by everyone and the quilting was done by our sweet Jackie.  Great job everyone!

Now for some show and tell....
This is Judy H's beautiful wool quilt.

This is the quilt Martha is working on this year.  It is a free block of the month from Sentimental Stitches and is called Benjamin Biggs.  Here's a link to the website...

Here's Linda B.'s great quilt...

Sharon's great purple quilt.

Here are some Project Linus quilts done by Judy B and quilted by Glenda.

Judy B did this quilt for her son and daughter in law.

She did this one for them too

This is our official banner done many years ago.

A tooth fairy pillow made by Sandy.

Sandy made this great Hunter Star quilt too.

A pillow by Lori

Here's a family quilt

Another family quilt that was in Ruth's family

Linda B's family quilt
This is one she made so the family quilt wouldn't be torn up...

Our guest had a family quilt too.

That's all for now, next month we will be working on wool penny rugs. Come enjoy the meeting. Happy stitching!