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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Some things we worked on at retreat

Hello everybody. I've been meaning to post these and I just kept forgetting.  Several of us went on retreat at Celeste back in April.  We all had a great time and we are all ready to go back.  Here are some things that were worked on at retreat. I'm afraid I didn't take pictures of what everyone was working on but here's a few.....
Glenda worked on this with her polka dots.  This is a disappearing 9 patch quilt. She used all polka dots except for the black centers.
Here's a quilt top I finished. I found this in my closet while looking for projects to work on. I had forgotten to put on the borders to finish this,  so here it is with the borders added.


Jackie worked on her Bonnie Hunter quilt, Grand Illusion.

Bev likes triangles!

This one is Jessica's.

Sue worked on this pretty pinwheel quilt.
Another cute quilt by Sue.

Here's some close-ups.

Karen was having a good time working on her pretty purple Trip Around the World quilt.

Deanna made this cute Halloween quilt for a shop sample.   

I made this Plus Quilt.
This sweet pinwheel is Diane's. 

Some blocks Jessica was working on.

Sharon was working on Trash to Treasure Pineapple blocks. 

This one is Jessica's.

Darla was working on a quilt of Valor

Sue made this one from a full piece of fabric.  It was not a panel.  It is so cute. Click on the close-ups below. It's quilters having fun.

Here's Jessica!

Diana made this lovely heart quilt from blocks she won.  Lucky girl!

This one is also Diana's.  It's an Outlander quilt.

Ruth was working on this one.

I'm not sure if this was Ruth's or Jessica's. 

Here's one that someone was working on too.  Can't remember who was working on this one.
We had a lot of fun and hope you can join us next time.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April meeting

This month we had a round robin program.  It was great and I hope we have more of these...
Jackie talked to us and showed us how to do the  chenille method on fabric. 

Annalee showed us how to work with hankies to make blocks for quilts. 

Katie talked to us about origami fabric folding.  Lots of fun.

This month was the month we showed our quilts for the polka dot challenge There were seven entries for the challenge and Annalee won with her beautiful circle quilt.

Now for some great show and tell from our members.
Sharon with her wonderful bag.   It's great and she sent out information by email on how to find the fabric. 

This is her beautiful wool quilt.  

Here's Nancy's cute baby quilt.

This one is mine. I found this on Pinterest and I also saw a video by Jenny of Missouri Star quilts for this one. It is called Tumbling Charms. I used two charm packs and yardage for the border from Eleanor Burns. 

Glenda made these two for community service.

Here's Susan's cute butterfly quilt.

Sally's polka dot bargello quilt.

Another great one from Sally.

This one is a Christmas jelly roll quilt.

Ok, that's it for this month.  I hope you enjoyed seeing what our members have been working on.  Get busy and bring more show and tell for next month, until then, happy stitching.