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Monday, August 22, 2011

A fun tutorial

Sharon H sent me the link to the tutorial for her little mini bookshelf quilt. I have added it to the side of the blog for your future reference....
I will be adding other things periodically so check back often.

Happy Sewing!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Our Annual Picnic/Party with awards and lots of show and tell!

Here's the next row to our Row by Row Quilt

Apples for September

Here's some of the Row by Row Quilts that are being made....these are so much fun!

Martha has been working hard to do her Wheel of Fortune Quilt.  Lots of paper to pull out but it sure is worth it. This is going to be a beautiful quilt!

These were the little Covers for Kids quilts we worked on last month.  I think the final count was lucky 13 amd Rita even quilted hers!  Way to go, Rita!

Our fearless leaders this year. Judy and Diane.  Judy is giving up her notebook but has a lot of great ideas for programs. 

 You guys did a great job!!!!

Nancy will be our next victim, I mean leader!  We know she will do a great job. 

One of Diane's heart blocks.  I think Glenda M. made this one.  The spools are our trademark or whatever you call it.  We used to wear name tags and they were 4 spools like this.  Our banner is displayed each year at the Dallas Quilt Show, if you get a chance, be sure and look at it next time.  For all you seasoned Sew Whater's, pull out your name tag and wear them next month to show our new members!  (Please.)

Diane handed out fabric flowers to members that did programs or helped out during the year.  It takes a lot of friendly people to have a good time!

This will be our Christmas block.  The instructions don't tell you but please include two extra 3" blocks from each color (the ribbon and the package) so they can be used for a border. 

This quilt was made from Christmas blocks I won back in 2000.   I passed out the pattern in this meeting, if you didn't get one, please send me an email or comment on this post and I'll get you one.

Martha's beautiful One Block Wonder Quilt

Anna had a nice friend that gave her this bag to carry quilts in.

Cindy made this great bag!  Very cute.

 A lovely fall taberunner.

Cindy won these blocks last year and made this great little quilt.  The stockings were made from red wool.

Rita's got a very colorful quilt.

Look at this beauty.  She worked on this at the last retreat and we saw some of it come together. 

Deanna and her cute Fall Quilt. 

A closeup of Sharon's  selvedge wall hanging.  Too cute!

Sharon's beautiful kite quilt.  Wow!!!

Here's a closeup of one of the kite blocks.

Judy's 911 Quilt.  Lots of great fabric in this one.

Ok, if you didn't make it to this meeting, see what all you missed?!!!  Next month, we start this all over again with new leaders and more ideas. Come prepared to give your ideas and opinions for what you want to do and see for the coming year.