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Monday, June 24, 2013

June Meeting

Our June meeting was a sit and sew and we went around the room and showed what we were working on and our favorite tools or gadgets. 
Helen took a class and this is what she is working on.
Joyce's Christmas quilt

Joyce's Wheel of Fortune Quilt

A blurry view of the side corners of the quilt. These are pansies...

This is a little cupcake quilt made by Susan.

Susan said her family pitched in and made this little quilt. They are all learning to quilt...

Here's some of the things our guest has been working on.

Deanna has been paper piecing. This is all scraps and she said it would be a large quilt eventually.

I think she said this was called Pick Up Sticks...

This one is called Cheese and Crackers.

Jackie's beautiful Vintage Valentine quilt. She's giving this one to her daughter. Lucky girl!

This is an Autum quilt I made for my husband.

This was done a long time ago and it was a Buck A Block quilt.

This one is a Yellow Brick Road baby quilt.

A Pinwheel quilt made from the More Quilts for Baby book.

Another autumn quilt I finished.

Linda showed what she worked on year's ago...

A Christmas quilt made by Rita.

These are some baby quilts Rita made for community service.

Jessica's working on her blocks for her quilt.

Ruth's baby quilt for community service.

Another one by Ruth.

Jessica made this one.

Here's some of Sharon's latest quilts.

Bev's latest quilts.  She's been busy!

I love this one!

Sally's stars.

Look at Dee's little Twister quilt.  Love it.

Here's two of Martha's blocks.

Some other things Martha is working on.

This is a knitted cross made for Martha's daughter...

Here's the instructions for the Prayer Square above.
Cast on 18 Stitches. They suggest size 9 needles to come out 3 X 3 1/2 inches.
Row 1-5: Knit
Row 6: Knit 8, p2, k8
Row 7: Knit
Rows 8,10, 12: K8, p2, k8
Rows 9,11,13: Knit
Row 14: K5,p8,k5
Row 15: Knit
Row 16: K8,p2,k8
Row 17: Knit
Row 18 and 20: K8, p2,k8
Row 19 and 21: Knit
Row 22-26: Knit
Bind off all stitches.
Martha made this cute house wallhanging from dimensional log cabin squares.

Martha's Big Hobo Bag

Martha's small Hobo bag.

This is Annalee's best tool! 

Sandy took a class for this one

Here's Sandy's blocks she's working on. She's doing the same quilt that Martha is doing.

Diana's Stocking quilt...too cute!

Some great blocks by Daphne.

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