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Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 2014 Meeting

This month's meeting was a look back at quilts from the past.  Several ladies signed up to share a quilt or two that came down from their family or that meant something to them.  It was a great program and we are looking forward to seeing more legacy quilts in the future. 
Here's a quilt that Deanna's Mother worked on...
Bev shared this one

This one was from Lori

Joyce Curtiss showed us this lovely one.

This one was from Diane's family

This came from Daphne's family

A few close-ups

This one was from Martha's Grandmother

This was not a family quilt but Sharon S liked it and just had to have it.

This was a gift from someone that knew Sharon would take care of the quilt.

Here's a picture of the Heart Pillows being delivered to the American Cancer Society.  Lots of bags means lots of heart pillows!  Thanks for all of your efforts, I know these are very much appreciated!
Now for some show and tell from our members.
Diana took a class to make this quilt tote...

A lot of our ladies took a class on making their self portraits.  So cute.

A few things she's been working on

Rita's working on kid quilts

Linda made this cute bag

Deanna's kid quilts

Paddington Bear, anyone remember him????


This is a quilt that will be raffled off. More details to follow.

Burp cloths made from real diapers for the new grandbaby.

A boy quilt

Glenda made this for a customer who's turned into a friend.  So cute! 

Sharon's  T-shirt quilt

A moustache scarf brought back from Italy...

Boneta's working on this hexagon quilt

Another self portrait!

Look at these cameos, very sweet.

Oh my, I love this one.  We need a demo on rouching...

Martha's Tree quilt

Martha's next project.

Daphne's self portrait

Some projects from Daphne

Sally's strip quilt.

Our ladies were busy this month.  Keep it up girls, you are doing a great job!  Next month, we have a special speaker and you don't want to miss out...Be sure and bring your show and tell and let us know what you have been working on. See you next month. Happy stitching!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

February 2014 Meeting

The February meeting was a working meeting. We do this every year for charity.  This month we worked on heart pillows to give to the American Cancer Group for breast cancer patients. Last year we did about 120 pillows and we wanted to meet or exceed that amount. Well, at last count we had done 184 pillows but we will have a final count in March and the pillows will be given to the rep forthe American Cancer Association. Thank you, ladies for participating in this project.  It means alot to me as well as several of our other members that have been touched by breast cancer.  
Here is a sample of the pillows that were made.  Isn't this one cute?
Ah, here is the summer blocks.  These are so sweet.  You can make a block and turn it in for a chance to win other blocks.  If you didn't get a package contact Annalee or Sandy and they can fix you up.

Judy brought her beautiful quilt made by her Grandmother and Mother and now she's finishing it up.  She told us the story about this quilt and next month, there will be others sharing their stories about a quilt that means alot to them....We are calling this History Month and if you have a quilt you want to share with the group, please contact Judy B. (Judith B) and sign up to let us hear about it.  We have 9 people signed up for next month but each month (except April) you will have an opportunity to share your story. 

Daphne is working on scrap quilts.


Here's a Disappearing 9 patch quilt.
Here's how she did the disappearing 9 patch blocks.

Here's two of Sharon's beautiful quilts.

Don't you just love this big spool quilt?
Here's Sandy's sweet heart tablerunner. 

Martha's Cheddar houses. 

Martha made some heart pincushions.

 Look at these cute projects. 

A pineapple pot holder, love it.

Linda W and her sweet February heart projects.

Here's some of Linda's tatting.
Here's her heart twister wallhanging.

Ruth got a sweet gift from her husband. He made her an insert for her sewing machine cabinet.  Ruth, it doesn't matter how long it took for him to make it, he got it done!  We love husbands that do stuff to please us! Great gift.

Joyce made this beautiful bed cover.  Pretty big!  Made from 9 patches.

Here's Diane's covers for kids quilt. She gave us a link for the pattern too. If you click on the link, you will be able to print the pattern if you go to the link in the article.  Also, Diane gave us some  extra notes below on how she made hers a little bigger than the directions said.
Diane made 20 blocks to make it a bigger quilt as they have plenty of little ones in CFC.
Instead of taking a lot of time laying out her blocks, she just stacked everything and then shuffled one/two down on the first pile; 3 or 4 on the next and 5 or 6 on the last pile – takes less time and easy enough to check to make sure you don’t have the same fabrics together. 
She used her scrap bin for big chunks of fabric – she actually had 2 of each of 10 different fabrics.   The directions say 11x13 but Diane's  were a bit smaller. You  will square all the blocks up to the same size once they are sewn!

Here's more covers for kids quilts

Some boy is going to love this John Deere tractor quilt!

Deanna made these little boots for her grandbaby, uh, it was supposed to be a boy but it will be a sweet little girl...Congrats!

Cathy is working on repairting this Dutch Doll quilt.

Here's some Quilt of Valor blocks our new member, Lori,  is working on. 

Here's one stack of pillows we made.

Getting all the pillows ready for transport.

Again, ladies, thanks for all of your help in this worthy cause.  Next month, please bring any pillows you didn't get finished and give to Glenda.  Have a great month and I hope you get a chance to go to the Dallas Quilt show. Good luck to anyone that entered a quilt or project!  See you next month, happy stitching!