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Monday, December 28, 2015

December Christmas Party

Welcome to our annual Christmas party. It was so much fun.  All the beautiful Christmas trees were made by the sweet blond below.  Thank you Sharon for the beautiful decorations this year.  Judy H. also helped with the trees too.  Thank you too....We had some great food and several wonderful guests too this year.  Thanks for coming and joining us. 

Now for some show and tell from our members.
Here's some quilts done by one of our new members, Becky.

Martha and her house quilt

A Christmas embroidery quilt by Rita.

Here's some cute quilts by Ruth for community service.

Here's Ruth's make up bag she made at retreat. Sharon was sweet to give us a program at retreat on this make up bag.  It was a lot of fun to make these.

Here's a quilt by Rosemarie.

Linda R. made this cute horse pillow.

Sorry but I don't remember who hid behind these two quilts!

Here's an heirloom quilt that was given to Karissa.

Here's some lovely quilts done by Linda for Christmas gifts.

Mary Jo made this sweet little wall hanging.

She also made this lovely pink quilt.

Joyce as showing us a light she got from Costco.  She said she got two of them and they are great....


Mary Jo made this lovely jacket from two men's sweat shirts and she might be doing a program for us next year on how to make this.  Sharon was the model for it.  Too cute.

Here's some of Diana's cute quilts.

Here's Cathy's lovely appliqued quilt. 

This is a silk calendar Glenda will be using to make a bag...


Jackie is hiding behind her community service quilt.

Here is her Grand Illusion quilt. 

Ok, that 's it for now, I hope everyone has some wonderful holidays and Happy New Year.  See you in 2016!