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Sunday, November 6, 2016

The October Meeting was great. Now you can feel safe!

Hello quilters.  I hope everyone is doing great.

The October meeting was way different than any quilt meeting I've ever been to.  We did not have a quilting program.  We had  a speaker that wasn't a quilter.  He was a man that liked to help quilters stay safe.  Our speaker was a wonderful man that is a retired policeman. He came and talked to us about ways to stay safe.  If you missed coming, you really missed a worthwhile program. Tom Shelton is his name and he is a very nice man. Thank you, Tom , for the great information.

After the program, we had our show and tell from our great members.

Here's mine.  I worked on this and finished it at retreat....This is an old project that I had put up in my spare closet and forgot about.  It was a mystery quilt from years ago and I found it recently and remembered I never finished the last three squares. I finished them and put the top together and at retreat, I put the thin solid border on it and the piano key borders.  Now to quilt it!

Here's some quilt tops from our new member.

Here's Ruth's  cute Elmo quilt for the sweet grandson.

Here's the back of the above quilt.

This is a quilt Jessica put together.  She got all the blocks from the Santa Mystery Exchange.  Looks great.

These are  Betty's quilts.  

Here's some of Diana's projects.

Hmmm, somebody's hidden behind the quilts and I do not remember who it is.  Great quilts,,,

Here's some of Martha's projects.

These are blocks that have been made in memory of Darla Lane.  We will miss this sweet lady.  

Here's some samples of the Christmas blocks.  You can make any block you want to using the Christmas fabric from Sharon and Martha. The block needs to  be 12 1/2" unfinished for the December party.  The number of blocks you make and turn in, gives you the number of chances you will have for the block drawing.  You might win the blocks for a Christmas quilt!

That's it for October, the November meeting will be very interesting. We will be having a trunk show from the Kaufman quilt guild.  Also, please bring your show and tell too.  Until then, happy stitching.