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Monday, August 1, 2011

July Meeting

The July meeting was at the church and it was a working meeting too. We sewed together kits given to us by the Dallas Quilt Guild.  We had our regular meeting first, show and tell and then we got busy.  Here's some of the things you missed if you didn't come to the meeting....

Martha displayed her Row by Row quilt and passed out the row for August. The bottom row is called Hot Sidewalks.  Pretty fitting title for August, huh!

Here's Joyce's version of the Row by Row...It's looking good, huh?  These are happy, little quilts and I'm enjoying watching them grow each month.

Here's some more Summer blocks. August will be the drawing for these blocks so hurry up and finish and turn them into Cathey or Lois.  We will see who gets to win these cute blocks next month.  Won't this look really cute on a little boy's bed?   

Now, for some great Show and Tell!

Sharon worked on this at retreat. This is called French Rose, I think....It's lovely and I really like the colors she used.  Great job, Sharon!

This one is her cupcake quilt.  A few of us in this group got together and did cupcake blocks, then we exchanged them. This is Sharon's little top that came out of that exchange.

Martha has done a few One Block Wonder Quilts and they just keep on getting prettier and prettier.  These are gifts....Ok, Martha, I want one too!

Cathey's making more baby quilts.  This is adorable!

This is Sharon's lovely quilt.

 This last one was Judy B's quilt.  We made these boots a few years back but did them in Christmas colors for our Christmas block exchange.  I was one of the lucky winners of some of those blocks and I'll be bringing that quilt next month for you to see. Judy made this for St. Jude's Fundraising Gala.. This is wonderful, Judy. I know the kids will love the boots and the parents will like the bluebonnets!

These last pictures are of some of the members that were present at the meeting. I'm afraid I did not get any action shots of members working and I didn't get any pictures of quilt tops worked on during the meeting. I guess you guys will just have to fire me, huh?  You will see the little tops at our next meeting because most of us took them home to finish. 

Next month is our annual August picnic.  We elect or volunteer for next year. If you are interested in doing anything special next year for the group, please talk to Judy or Diane and let them know.  See you at the next meeting.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing what everyone is working on!!