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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November meeting

Hello everyone. The program this month was a recap of some of the new items Deanna and Sandy purchased at the quilt market.  Check out their shop for some great things.

Here's some adult coloring books. It's all the rage now.   

Here's some fabric you and the kids or grandkids can color.   

How about some show and tell from our members.  This one hid behind her quilt but I think it was Karissa. 

Here's another on of hers.

Here's Sandy's Wonky Houses.  

This one is another one that hid behind her lovely quilt.  I think it's Willie's.  

One of Martha's House quilts.

Here's Diana's Halloween quilt.  She said it was quilted in glow in the dark thread.  I wish we had the lights off so we could tell!

Some more quilts from Diana

This one is from the 10 Minute Block Quilt bool

Another house quilt from Martha. This was from an exchange she participated in from the new group in Mesquite.

This is the floating four patch quilt. It is also an exchange that we all participated in.  

This beauty is one of Susan's family quilts.  

Well, that's it for this month. I hope everyone has some wonderful holidays ahead.  See you all next month for the Christmas party.

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  1. WE do have a lot of talented people in our group!!