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Sunday, October 18, 2015

October meeting

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The October meeting program was 4 different things.  Sharon did demos about the quarter inch seam.

Bev did demos about the Block Lock  ruler

Diana did demos on the 10 minute table runner.


Linda did demos about 3 different methods to do the half square triangles.

This is the winter block this year.  These stars are made with Thangles.  Contact Annalee for the blocks if you didn't get any this month.  

Now for some show and tell from our members.

Deanna made this cute bag. bottles and apron and Linda was the model.

I made this 3 D Christmas tree wall hanging.  


I think this is Marion's cute quilt. I wish I could see the rest of her face so I can be sure that's who it is.  If it isn't her, please let me know and I'll correct it...

Martha won this lovely quilt from Watt A Find during their anniversary celebration.

Martha did this lovely quilt and gave the top to Bev since it wasn't a house quilt!  This was last summers block. She gifted it to Bev.

Martha and her house quilt.

Sharon made this lovely make up bag from a vest.

Diana made these bowl covers.

This cute quilt was made by Diana. She purchased sample fabrics from Watt a Find for this cute quilt.

Backing for the above quilt

Here's her cute Halloween quilt

Here's her lovely machine embroidery quilt.

This is a signature quilt Lori made, believe it or not it's not red, white and blue!

She made this for a cancer walk.

Here's some items from Karissa.

Look at these cute paintings.  Not quilts but the snow men have quilts hanging from their arms.

Here's a Halloween quilt Sandy made.  

Back of the quilt

Ok that's it for this month.  Get busy and bring some show and tell for next month. Til next time, happy stitching!

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