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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pictures from the January Meeting

I was not at the January meeting due to an emergency but Martha graciously took pictures for me and emailed them to me.  Thank you, Martha!  If anything is wrong, please let me know and I will make corrections. 

January Mug Rugs...so cute!!!

Sharon H and Bev F. revealed the summer blocks and discussed how to make them.

Here's a close-up shot.

Sharon H and her Row by Row Quilt

I know the second one is Joyce peeking over her Row by Row but I have no clue who the first quilt belongs to! 

Martha, Ruth and Irene

Boneta with some of Bennie B's quilts.

Glenda M. made this T-shirt quilt.

Helen's Jelly Roll Quilt

Linda Bell made these beautiful quilts.

Martha's Christmas present quilt.

Martha's Pizza Box Quilt

One of Martha's Snowman quilts.

Rita's Farmer's Wife Quilt. I think this one was made for her daughter.  Hmm, is this Farmer's Wife or Barbara Brackman?

Sandy's pretty quilt.  She worked on this at the last retreat. I think she was short some fabric but you can't tell it, good job,  Sandy!

If I'm not mistaken, I think this one was Sharon's first quilt. Very pretty, Sharon!

Sharon's French Rose quilt.  So cute!

Thanks again to Martha for the pictures. If I got anything wrong, please let me know.  Happy Sewing!


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