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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas 2011

What a wonderful Christmas party.  If you didn't make it to the party, you missed some good food and a wonderful time with friends.  Lois opened her home to us again this year and 32 of us ventured out in the rain and slush to have a good time...(Thank you, Lord, for the wonderful rain!)

Lois, thank you so much for opening your beautiful home to us. Please thank your wonderful husband too, we appreciate him putting up with us and allowing us to come.   We appreciate you and all your efforts! Thank you to the ladies that set up and took down everything too.  The food was great. Thank you, everyone, for being such great cooks! 

I want to share all your wonderful food on this blog.  Please send me your recipes and I will publish them here for all to see.

There were three people that participated in the first mug rug swap. Martha, Irene and Rita.  They were all cute and I did not get pictures...so sorry.  Next month, the swap is for houses.  Please look at the rules below and get your little mug rugs ready and bring them into swap! 
I didn't take alot of pictures but I'll share them here with you now.  If you will send me pics that you took, I'll be happy to post them here too.

There were four winners of the Christmas package blocks.  I was one of the lucky winners!  The other three were Martha, Deanna and Lois.  Thank you, Rita and Joyce for coming up with such a cute block and for all your work on the Christmas raffle blocks. 
Here's a link to the Christmas blocks quilt. 

Be sure and bring your Row by Row Quilt to the January meeting. We want to take pictures of all the quilts!

Pictures from the party:

Now, here's some show and tell for you to enjoy.

Be sure and click on the pictures and you can see them closer.

Rosemarie made this one many years ago but just recently got it quilted...

This one is new and I think she said it's for her daughter. 

This one too!

Deanna worked on this one at retreat.  It is from Suzann McNeill's new book, 10 Minute Blocks. 

This is the back of the quilt.

Deanna made this sock monkey quilt for her daughter.

 Lois made this one for a customer. Great T-shirt quilt.

Rita made this one for a customer too.  This one is made from the little boy's clothes.   This was so cute!  Be sure and click on the picture.

Martha made this beautiful redwork Santa quilt. 

Dee made this cute Snowman quilt.  There were 10 of us in this exchange and all of the snowmen are the same but the alternating blocks are different and the quilts look so different. 

Dee made this cute Christmas boot quilt.  


Merry Christmas!!!!


  1. Thanks for recording all this for us, Linda - you do a great job. It looks like everyone had a great time - can't wait for the recipes.