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Sunday, June 12, 2016

May Meeting

Hello everyone, I forgot to post these, so sorry for the delay....

Anyway, this was our May meeting.  The original program didn't happen so Sharon came up with a great replacement program.  It was based on swaps or exchanges that her and other friends have been in.. She's been in some wonderful swaps and here are some pictures of just some of the ones she's been in.  She's still doing exchanges or swaps or whatever you want to call them.  It's when you are get a group of quilters together and make the same blocks or decide what pattern to make and it could happen in a week or year or however long your group decides to make it.  You can swap a block a month or 40 blocks a month or whatever....anyway,  I hope you enjoy the pictures and think about swaps you want to do.

Christmas stockings.

Floating 4 Patches

This is the back of it,

Not sure what the name was on this one.  I think it is a Bonnie Hunter quilt pattern.

Cupcake swap

3 inch stars swap

Another 3 inch stars swap in another color, looks so different, huh?!

A 16 patch swap

Ok, sorry, don't know the name of these either....

This is Tumalo Trails, it is a Bonnie Hunter quilt.

This one was called Dear Blanche.  It was a swap from many years ago.

This one was a row by row swap that Sharon coordinated.  It is based on a Fons and Porter quilt book.

Wasn't that fun to see all the different kinds of quilts that can be done in swaps. It's fun to participate.  You can make the same block as many times as necessary and trade them to have different blocks.  It makes you look like a scrapper even when you are not one!  Think about doing swaps or exchanges, you have fun and can spend more time with your friends too. 

Now for some show and tell from our members....

This was a form of a swap that Becky participated in.  It's called a Round Robin exchange. Normally, the way this exchange works is you do the center block and pass it onto the next quilter on the list in the group with or without fabric depending on the rules, and they add the next row or round also depending on the agreements that were made.  

Here's a star quilt of Becky's, I don't know if it was an exchange or swap or if she made all of the great stars....

Here's two of Karissa's quilts she made for some sweet young ladies.

Here's one of Cathy's she made for her nephew.

Here's some of Sharon's completed projects.

Cute jacket and cute model too.

Here's one of Glenda's quilts.

This one is Diana's.

Last but not least here's Sally's front and back of her lovely quilt.

Well ladies, that's it for May. Get busy and come for our June meeting.  Bring what you can to help work on the Quilts for Kids or community service quilts.  Also, please bring your show and tell. Have a good month. See you soon and happy stitching.

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