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Monday, August 19, 2013

August meeting

August Meeting was our annual picnic. The food was great. I think the Taco Bar idea was wonderful...The desserts were good too.Thank you to everyone for making it a great time. Another good year. Thank you to the leaders, Nancy and Ruth, you both did a wonderful job.  The new leaders will be Ruth and Bev. 

Lots of new stuff and programs are in the works. If you think of something you want to see or need help with, please let me or Jackie know as we are the program people this year....We are always looking for new ideas and want to show you how to do things easier and faster.  We have alot of new quilters as well as alot of experienced quilters in our group and our ladies love to share their knowledge.  Please don't be bashful about asking for help...I can remember how I was as a new quilter and I was always intimidated and embarrassed to show what I was working on.  I hope no one feels like that.  Our group is a loving and friendly group and we want everyone to feel welcome. We want everyone to be able to be great quilters and feel accomplished in their quilting....

Helen shared some great info this month. She showed the self binding baby blanket. It is a video on Youtube from Missouri Star Quilting and it is a great video.  You need 40" square of one fabric and 30" of another fabric.  They recommend flannel but you can use whatever fabric you want..

  This is the video on the Self-Binding baby quilt....

The other thing Helen shared with us was how to make a travel pillow case...
(Sorry, I didn't get a picture of this.)

Travel Pillow case

Body - 14 inches by width of fabric
Trim - 1 3/4 inches by 14 inches
Band - 8 inches by 14 inches


 1.   Trim- Fold in half lengthwise and press.
 2.   Band - Fold in half lengthwise and press
 3.   Layer the raw edges of the body (face up), trim and band. Pin.
 4.   Sew across being careful to keep edges together.
 5.   Press.
 6.   To form flap - fold under 6 inches of the opposite end of the body. Press.
 7.   Turn under 1/4 inch of the raw edge, press and sew.
 8.   Fold body with right sides together so that the flap covers the bad.
 9.   Sew both side seams.
10. Turn.
11. Press.

 Sharon, Jessica and Deanna won the summer blocks.  Deanna wasn't at the meeting so Karen showed the blocks for her....

Every year, we say Thank you to our leaders and give them blocks that we've made.  Here's some of the blocks that were given. 

Here's some great show and tell from our members.

Martha has been making some more Hobo bags. She teaches a class on these at Sew Let's Quilt It Quilt Shop....

She's doing this quilt in cheddar.

This is her selvedge quilt...so cute.

Daphne made this lovely bag.

She's making use of her log cabin blocks and strips.

Dee made this block for the Garland Quilt Guild Block of the Month drawing....

Sally made this cute Jelly Rolly Race quilt. She teaches a class on this at Blue Ribbon Quilt shop.

Sandy made this great Hobo bag.

Sandy took a class through the Garland Quilt Guild and it was a Mary Massey workshop..

These blocks were given to Diana from her secret pal last year...Sharon was her secret pal...great quilt!

This one is Joyce's Christmas quilt...

Here's a close-up of two of the blocks.

Ruth made this cutey.

Ruth and Nona wearing the official name tags for our group.

Linda made this one. It is a growth chart quilt and comes with  little things to put on the quilt to document the child's  growth...Better than marking your walls up, huh?

She made this sweet quilt as a gift.

Look at this beauty!  I love this one.

Here's some community service quilts that have been done by our members.

Here's a cute Christmas stocking Glenda worked on at retreat.  It took 3 or 4 layers sewn together then cut through all but the last layer to make it fuzzy like chenille. 

This is Mary, one of our newest members and a new quilter too. She has been very productive this month. Way to go, Mary!

Sharon made a great bag...

Well, what a great meeting and such great things our members have done.  Next month, bring your show and tell and let us see what you have been doing....

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