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Sunday, September 18, 2011

September meeting and what we have going on!

We have a great group and we are growing every month.  How fun!  Welcome to all the new people. We hope you enjoy the group and get inspired by some of the things you see our members do...

Ok, let's start another month and show what Martha has up her creative sleeves for us!  Here's the next installment on the Row by Row!

How fun is this?  I am having such a great time doing this and I hope you are too.  Remember too, if you are doing this and get all of your rows done, there will be a surprise for one lucky person. So, get busy and get caught up or start doing this fun little quilt!

Here's Nancy's little quilt....

Here's the Christmas blocks. Have you done one of these?  Rita and Joyce will have more packets ready to purchase at the October meeting.  They are $1.00 per packet.  Buy the packet, use it along with you Christmas fabric to create a block.  Please put two extra 3" blocks of the two different fabrics you use in with your entry, these will be used in the completion of the quilt...

This little quilt was made by Glenda and it is a raffle quilt for her office.  Tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  This is a fundraiser quilt for Komen for the Cure. Great job, Glenda. The quilt is wonderful.

Cathey's putting this Mola on a shirt. She has an amazing collection of Mola's and they will be on display at the Art Center in Mesquite, Tx through the month of September.  If you get a chance, go look at her great collection.

This was a left-over block from the Church quilt so....Glenda made this little lovely.

Jackie and her Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. 

Here's Rita's cute quilt (her husband found this quilt on the way to the bathroom while traveling to various quilt stores with Rita!)  You had to be there to hear the story!  Cute quilt! 

Here's a few close up shots.

Here's a beautiful Crazy Patch quilt that Sharon won from Martha's sewing group several years back. Sharon was straightening up her great sewing room and while this was down off the wall, she thought she would share it with us.  It's beautiful.  She says some of the ladies were beginners that worked on this.  It's amazing,  and all the blocks are wonderful.  It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or an experienced quilter, somehow it all works.

The back of the quilt.

Some closeup shots.

Here's a cute snowman quilt Martha is working on.  She still has one more row to do.  This was an exchange quilt with several of us.  Each person did 20 snowmen. 2 different snowmen of 10 each.  They were then exchanged with 9 other women that did the same thing.  We all ended up with 20 snowmen. Then, we had to make 8 tree blocks and 28 alternate blocks.  This is a darling quilt.

A closeup of the snowmen blocks.

Martha made these cute mug rugs.

Here's a close up.  This one is with selvedges and the next one is just with strings. Martha's talking about an exchange of mug rugs.  What do you think, any interest?

Here's another thing you can do with selvedges.  Sharon made this great rug.

Now, for a mini tutorial on how to make the cute fabric flowers by our own, sweet Diane.

You need a fat quarter.  Fold it in half.

You need some florist wire and a long stem (or any length stem you want) flower. Pop the flower off the stem. You only want the stem part. Use the flower for another project....

Now, you need to fold the fat quarter that had been folded in half again but into 3rds this time.

Next, you fold the ends end like this.

Now, slip your florist wire down the middle of the fold but leave a length of it sticking out to be able to wrap the fabric onto the stem.

Now, bunch up your fabric and start wrapping.

Keep on wrapping until you reach the end.

Tuck in your other end and fluff up your flower like you want it and there you have it. A beautiful fabric flower.  Thanks, Diane for the great demo!

Ok, my video didn't work.  User error....you have to not only put the button on the video part but you gotta press the other button too!  Who knew!  Anyway, in the future, maybe I'll get it right and show you the demo's as they happen. 

Thanks for a great month.  Now, get off the computer and go make something to show at our next meeting in October.  Have a wonderful creative sewing month. 

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  1. Hi! Greetingns from Finland! The quilts are fantastic! Thank you for the photos! Greetings to everyone there! It's so nice to find other quilters from the other side of the world! :)