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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 2011 Meeting

This month was a very busy month for our ladies.  

Row By Row Quilt

Martha showed us the Row by Row quilt.  She passed out two patterns for next month. The pinwheels and the bowties.  Isn't this quilt getting cute...

This is the fabric swap for this year.  These are some of the blocks that Judy, Sharon and Martha have done so far.  Looking good, girls!

This is the Summer block.  The boats are looking so cute!!!

The church quilt is finished for this year. Isn't it beautiful?  Jackie and Glenda did a great job!   I love the pattern.  I'm gonna have to make one of these!!!! The borders are great! Jackie did great quilting it too...

This is the label that Glenda made.

Sharon's first quilt top!!!  You're doing great!

Some cute blocks she's been working on.  I thinks she's hooked, don't you?

                                                       Judy's Tea Time Quilt.

Martha's Selvedge bag.

A lovely bag by Glenda for her daughter's friend.

A cute baby quilt. Glenda worked on the 16 patches at retreat. Great idea to use up scraps for a fun quilt.

A lovely Vintage quilt shown to us by Linda.  She's not sure about the dates or who made it.

Sally's lovely Wheel of Fortune Quilt.  She made this one quite a while ago but it is beautiful. I love the name, Pat and Vanna. Cute, huh?

Jackie's working on this Raggedy Ann and Andy scrap and redwork quilt. She's teaching this at her library and having a great time doing it.  You can get the instructions from another blog. Here's the link:

Glenda was working on this cute community service quilt. 

 Peggy and her Cross Stitch Redwork.  Peek-a-boo, we see you!

Sharon's being green and making all kinds of shopping bags.  I love all of them!

She bought these blocks off Ebay and has taken them off their old background and is revitalizing them into a quilt for herself.  Lovely.

 A sewing bag. 

Ok, if you missed the meeting, you really missed seeing all of these lovely items and you missed a great program by Cathy.  Next month we are working on community service items and making walker bags.  We will still have show and tell so don't stay away.  Please come and show us what you are working on.  Until next month, keep on sewing!

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  1. It was a great meeting. Thanks for posting all the pics!